Medical Examination
Medical Examination

Why wait months for a professional medical examination and an affordable check-up ?

If you need a medical examination to find out your state of health, or a preventive health examination, your medical condition, any medical risk factors or existing illnesses, pain treatment analysis... from cardiology to gastric problems to ultrasound diagnostics to blood tests, ECG, Ergometry, ... you can book a top level medical health care examination and get it done in 2 hours.

Right in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic.

And you don't have to go to Prague for expensive diagnostics, just fly over to Brno the second largest capital of the Czech Republic, and get your medical examination done in one afternoon at affordable costs, but with top check-up medical staff.


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Comprehensive medical examination in 2 hours ?

The diagnostic and therapeutic centre Top Moravia Health is a multidisciplinary out-patient clinic with a wide range of
medical examinations offered.

Apart from general practitioner doctors in our team we also have other specialists available – internal medicine specialists, cardiology specialist, gastroenterology, pain treatment, and ultrasound diagnostics.

Patients interested in a preventive medical examination can undergo a complex preventive medical examination in just 2 hours.

This medical check-up examination enables them to find out their current medical condition, risk factors or already existing illnesses.

The duration of the whole examination is about 2 hours during which all procedures occur one after another (blood tests, ultrasound examination, medical examination, ECG, ergometry, etc).

The entire report with comments is then discussed with the client at the end of the examination

Medical examination costs start from Euro 280

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Fast, affordable medical examination in Brno - CZ:

Top Moravia Health clinic is ranked at the top of the Czech
medical examination clinics thanks to its range and quality of medical examinations offered.

Among local expats living in the Moravia region we are one of
the most visited medical clinics in the region of South Moravia.

Thanks to our language knowledge of English and German we offer
our clients from abroad a great solution for medical examinations.

We are now offering the same services to international patients
worldwide and look forward to you contacting us.

We can arrange airport pickups and accommodation in Brno,
and also transport from your hotel to our clinic.




Please feel free to phone us at +420 533 306 470, we speak English and German, or you can fill in our contact form at : Contact medical examination team

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